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ARMAAN is the entity of Armaan Overseas Pvt. Ltd. that transacts with Fashion Accessories that specializes in shawls and scarves. ARMAAN was born as a one -step solution for retailers and wholesales. In an environment of growing consumer expectations, changing sourcing paradigms, ever changing trends and fashions and increasing competition, it became imperative for retailers to develop non traditional and innovative supply solutions.


The company Armaan Overseas was formed on November 2005, with a view to export to the world the best kind of scarves, shawls and stoles in all kinds of materials possible like Pashmina, woolen, viscose, cotton, rayon etc.


We made a humble beginning and now have established years of solid grounding in exporting quality products. Head office of ARMAAN is located in Amritsar city of Punjab state in India. Our organization is promoted by technocrats with a rich experience, who are working with a single minded motto of devotion to excellence in quality, delivery, and price to suit all types of requirements and occasions. The organization keeps itself updated with the changing trends and innovative designs. The company has mastered the expertise for quality control, traditional & designer weaves and timely deliveries. We export our shawls, stoles and scarves in various countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland etc.

Our shawls are examples of classic luxury, as the finely woven silk stripes, give these pieces a texture and beauty, not easily matched. Our team comprises of professional designers, sketchers, dyers, embroiders & inspectors. New designs and patterns in our shawls have evolved over the years, but the traditional delicacies in shawl manufacturing are also given full consideration. The yarn used at Armaan is Pashmina, Cashmere, 100% Pure Fine Wool, Pure Silk, Viscose and Blended Natural Yarn. Soft, luxurious and a must-have fashion accessory, each of our shawl is checked by highly skilled artisans. Each shawl comes in a wonderfully versatile size, perfect for wrapping around the neck or shoulders for a bit of warmth and a splash of colour and can also be used as a sarong. These shawls are considered to be luxurious and comfortable. Shawls from India are world famous and Armaan is an exporter of international quality and unique women's fashion items, clothing accessories like Silk Pashmina Shawl, Soft Embroidered Shawl, Light Weight Designer Shawl, which reflect the latest trends in fashion World.

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